Post Bleaching Instructions

  • You’ve spent the time and money to whiten your teeth at Oradent Clinic and they look great!
    Your teeth are still porous from the teeth whitening procedure. Here are some tips to follow for the next 48 hours to keep your teeth white and bright longer.
  • Avoid dark beverages:  tea, coffee, dark soda any colored drink. Your teeth can absorb the color for up to 3 days after your teeth whitening procedure.

  • Foods to avoid: grapes, tomatoes, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, mustard, spaghetti sauce, soy sauce, blue berries and blue berry muffins, dark stews, dark soups and dark chocolate.
  • If you do eat any of these foods in the first couple of days after your teeth whitening treatment- brush your teeth and rinse your mouth immediately after eating.
  • Don’t drink very hot or cold liquids, as these extreme temperatures will cause your teeth to expand and contract, and permit the stains to penetrate.
  • Cigarette smoking stains your teeth.

For long-term maintenance, liquids that might stain, drinking them through a straw helps maintain your white color. Also rinsing your mouth with water after drinking or eating a staining food will help along with take-home teeth bleaching treatments.